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Mental Health Services

Service Structure

Transitions Mental Health Services Staff will work with you to identify your personal goals and barriers and to create an individualized plan based on your own priorities and desires. Participation in Transitions Mental Health Services programs may be long or short term, depending on your needs and desires. \

Youth Services

Opportunities for youths, 5 years of age and older, challenged by mental health issues to develop and achieve your fullest potential through life-skills, education, counseling, and vocational training.

Psychiatric Services

Transitions provides you quality psychiatric services and can schedule appointments quickly.  Our psychiatric care providers have a reputation for understanding and compassionate treatment of patients, and a history of working with other professionals in a complementary fashion.


Transitions provides you in-depth consideration and exploration of long-standing, deep-seated issues that have caused major disruption in your ability to process, cope, and improve one’s life.  While therapy can be long or short-term, it does consider recurring issues or problems which may take a period of time to work through in order to experience positive changes and personal growth.  Transitions provides you a very personalized, focused approach to achieving personal goals and eradicating issues causing distress.


Transitions provides you employment skills development, vocational counseling, job search assistance, application and resume completion, interview training, general and specific job skills training, counseling, on and off-worksite support, and assistance in coping with, and working through, job-related challenges.

Residential Services

Twelve-bed residential facility provides you 24-hour care transitional housing if you need assistance with developing/improving the skills they need to successfully live independently in the community. A 3-bed facility offers intermittent care when these residents do their own shopping, cooking and cleaning.

Consultation Services

Individual consultation can be held in the form of a meeting 1:1 or in a small group (families). It can be a one-time event or a series of consultation meetings. Setting up consultation is easy and convenient: An initial phone call or email to gather pertinent details about the focus of the consultation and who will attend and then choosing a time/date/location for the consultation services.

Our Consultation experts are bachelor's, master's level and licensed social worker/counselors with years of experience in the mental health field. They are formally trained to understand the underlying behavioral health and psychology of relationships, and the most effective interventions for understanding and interacting with someone struggling with a mental health condition. Our consultants utilize principles and methods from Stages of Change, Relational Theories, Trauma-Informed Models, Cognitive Behavioral Theory, DBT (Dialectal Behavior Therapy), Solution Focused, Existential - Humanistic, motivational interviewing, and the DSM-5 framework.

Consumer Engagement

A unique consumer-driven approach to integrated recovery from mental health issues if you would like assistance in the form of support, advocacy, and education.


Private and group opportunities for working through issues and obstacles that negatively impact your ability to live a productive, safe and satisfying life.

Scott County Mental Health Court

Mental Health Court is designed to provide an alternative to jail for persons with chronic mental health needs who commit crimes and who meet established criteria. Mental Health Court, through intensive individualized services, will help these offenders with chronic mental health needs treat their illness, take their medication as prescribed, meet their basic food and shelter needs and avoid expensive incarceration or hospitalization. The goal of Mental Health Court is to impose a sentence that provides the maximum opportunity for the rehabilitation of the defendant, the protection of the community from further offenses by the defendant and consideration of the victim’s rights and safety.
For more information on the program, contact 309.230.6579

For more information about our mental health services or to make an appointment, call 309.283.1228, or submit any comments or questions on our “Contact Us” page.


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